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X-Men (All of them - Mouthy gingers, Dr's with soft blue fur and big guys with claws, what's not to love). All this started happening after the death of his mother. Her lineage causes her to constantly butt heads with pyrokinetic bad boy, Warren Peace. Angel (Lorne is like the brother/friend I never had). Scooby-Doo (Come on Shaggy's awesome and there's a talking detective dog). Fantastic Four (Johnny Storms a git, but I kinda want to meet him). Teen Titans (I think Raven and Beast Boy should just do the deed and get it over with). She was raised as a villain, but can she pull through when it counts the most?id=70594575&lid=1628330I also have decided to put up a link to the ball gowns Alex is given for the Mikaelson Ball in Chapter 29The Dress Klaus gives her - The Dress Kol gives her - Hope you enjoy my fics! And of course, knowing his luck, he'd realize it far too late.The Triwizard Tournament is over, but things have not gotten easier for Demetria. With war just around the corner, a budding romance is hardly appropriate. Daniela has been close friends with Ian for almost two years now and dislikes his brother Lip with a passion- his man-whoring ways never ceasing to disgust her.As this young Omega thought of who would be the best mate for his adoptive Father an add for Nygma's Detective Agency.Well, that was perfect and Tim was going to nudge and push until they were together.Besides the basics – riding pants, boots, and long-sleeved shirt – get your daughter an ASTM-approved, SEI-certified riding helmet.

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He's a brilliant scientist who now acts as the girls' father (including making their lunches and cheering them up).

After all there was always something there and poor Damian is in for one hell of a shock.

Kids – Trail Riding Tips Source: Here are some get-started tips to help keep he/ her safe on the trail – and you from becoming unduly worried.

Hey, my name is Laura I am from Scotland and I love to write!

Right now I am invested in my Vampire Diaries fic 'Sky Fall'A friend on this site made a poster for my fic "Sky Fall" thanks to grapejuice101 and here is the link: (Book II of Behind Enemy Lines)"There's plenty of fish in the sea, mate," George laughed, clapping Fred on the back, "but you've gone and fallen for a crocodile." Of course, knowing his luck, Fred would fall for the headstrong Slytherin.

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