Aspx designer not updating Vidoe chat with usan girls

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As far as preventing the comments I don't think you can.My recommendation is to avoid opening the designer file at all.Yep, that post (thread) is dealing with the same problem (or at least a similar one).

If there’s a problem in your codebehind with controls not showing up as above the problem usually is that the designer file is empty (if the page was created new with an error) or not updated again.

In the few cases where you might open it be sure to always save changes even if you haven't made any.

If ever in doubt then add and then remove a control from the ASCX file to regenerate the designer.

) ( sorry, I'm not aware of any solution or work-around ... It is using the same namespace, in the form: Company Name. Repeatable steps to resolve the issue appear to be: 1.

but that information might help in the diagnosis ) Dear grundt, I presume, based upon the dates of your original and last posts, that this problem may well be long-gone. Erase the entire contents of the affected designer file and save the empty file.

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