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I could tell right away that you were a pathetic little jerk junkie. So I think we need to try a different type […] Brainwashing is meant to impair judgement and increase suggestibility.

Not having sex really played a factor in the destruction of your relationship. You’d rather just jerk off to videos online, right? It is a psychological weapon meant to modify normal brain function.

was never able to escape extreme racial bigotry - even at the hands of President John Kennedy - who refused to let him perform at his inauguration because Sammy had married a white woman, Swedish actress May Britt.

As the scoreboard went potty – and Miroslav Klose broke Ronaldo’s World Cup record of 15 goals, just to drive the knife in – the audience inside the stadium could look no further than Brazil’s mortification on the pitch.As Germany’s second went in a Brazil fan tried to eat his flag.Before that he had been urging his fellow disciples to get behind a team who started full of zest. Germany were right to think they would be facing a team of 200 million souls. But even then Neymar was everywhere, on the caps of Brazil’s players, on face masks and in every utterance of the hosts as they sought a passage to the Maracana on Sunday.I know what you’ve wanted to hear all along, that your relationship is over. But before we can do that, you need to end it today, you need to tell her it’s over. All you need is to be alone and be the weak, pathetic, horny little bitch that you are. Your face lit the fuck up when I spoke to you that way. I’ll bet as soon as you turn this off you’ll get hard. You’re so ashamed that you can’t even get hard in my presence. Take one last look at what a limp dick loser like you is missing out on.So your new therapy to forget all about her, is to focus on something new. You’re so emasculated while in the presence of a hot female that you can never get it up, can you? It’s probably for the best that a loser like you can’t get it up for hot girl because you’re weak and pathetic and you can’t even get it up for some jerk off instructions. Princess Lacey Let me tell you my honest and professional opinion.

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