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Lions are large, muscular cats that have been well known and feared by humans since antiquity.

Wild lions are only found in sub-Saharan Africa and in a small pocket of National Wildlife Reserve in India.

The cams at the end of each lever on the female end align with a circumferential groove on the male end.

When the levers are rotated to the locked position, they pull the male end into the female socket, creating a tight seal up against a gasket.

This results in an error-resistant, faster coupling operation.

Because the compression between the two fittings is limited by the size of the cams on the end of the levers and the rotation of the levers themselves, there is also no possibility of over- or under-tightening the fitting; the pressure against the sealing gasket is effectively constant from one coupling operation to the next, reducing possibility of leaks.

Female cubs will stay with the pride for life while male cubs will leave the pride when they become adults.

The males that leave will seek to take over another pride by displacing its dominant male.

See the All-Time Country Charts: Country Artists | Country Songs | Country Albums So it comes as no surprise that when asked to name the top five best female country acts at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Cam chose other fellow soul-searching singers.

Not much information can be found about this incident other than it took place at Wuhan First People’s Hospital in Yueyang, China.

In the video below, a man is holding a hostage with what appears to be a gun.

The arms lock into position using an over-center arrangement, preventing accidental decoupling.

Because the groove is cut all the way around the male end, there is no specific alignment necessary to couple as there would be with threaded connectors, and there is no opportunity for cross-threading.

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