Dating rob

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2) I’ve been working in entertainment since I was 18 I’ve done a multitude of Tv shows as well as a couple films .As well as have had over half a million social media followers over two years … Like I said in a previous post, im just ‘Mehgan something’ that most of you never even heard of!!! For more on the Rob & Chyna stars' tumultuous relationship, check out the video below.

Additionally, James appeared to be adamant she doesn’t need Rob to build her career.

First, Rob took to Twitter to say he's NOT dating "Megan" and that he'd never even heard of her: In response, Mehgan took to Twitter to ALSO say that she's not dating Rob, and, frankly, she's a bit offended because if she was gonna be dating any rich white dude, it would be Prince Harry!

She writes, amongst other things:1) I did not fake anything .

I posted one pair of Arthur George socks 2/3 weeks ago & now all of a sudden I'm a home wrecker, a fraud , a hoe… I do not control the media , BUT we all know who has the media on their payroll.

the two had been “really close friends for about three months.”However, this is apparently totally fabricated — at least according to both Rob and Mehgan.

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